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To learn the fresh new character played from the network structure on meme diffusion techniques, i imitate the latest design into tested follower network (good black colored range) and you can a random system (dashed yellow line). (a) The phrase lives uses new week since the big date tool. (b,c,d) Meme dominance, representative pastime and you will member entropy analysis are based on per week actions.

No matter if recent epidemiological habits have started because of the multiple pass on away from competing challenges 39,40 , the design is the first you will need to handle an almost unbounded level of the brand new “epidemics” that will be continuously inserted towards system

The second key ingredient of our model is the competition among memes for limited user attention. To evaluate the role of such a competition on the meme diffusion process, we simulated variations of the model with stronger or weaker competition. This was accomplished by tuning the length tw of the time window in which posts are retained in an agent’s screen or memory. A shorter time window (tw < 1) leads to less attention and thus increased competition, while a longer time window (tw > 1) allows for attention to more memes and thus less competition. As we can observe in Fig. 7, stronger competition (tw = 0.1) fails to reproduce the large observed number of long-lived memes (Fig. 7(a)). Weaker competition (tw = 5), on the other hand, cannot generate extremely popular memes (Fig. 7(b)) nor extremely active users (Fig. 7(c)).

To study the role of meme competition, we simulate the model on the sampled follower network with different levels of competition; posts are removed from screen and memory after tw time units. We compare the standard model (tw = 1, solid black line) against versions with less competition (tw = 5, dot-dashed magenta line) and more competition (tw = 0.1, dashed red line). (a) The definition of lifetime uses the week as time unit. (b,c,d) Meme popularity, user activity and user entropy data are based on weekly measures.

We also simulated our model without user interests, by setting pm = 0. The most noticeable difference in this case is the lack of highly focused individuals. Users have no memory of their past behavior and can only pay attention to memes from their friends. As a result, the model fails to account for low entropy individuals (not shown but similar to the random network case in Fig. 6(d)).


The present results reveal that the combination out-of social network structure and race for finite representative focus is an acceptable condition getting new introduction out of wider assortment within the meme popularity, life and user pastime. This really is an amazing impact: you can be the cause of the latest have a tendency to-advertised a lot of time-tailed withdrawals regarding material dominance and lifetime eight,twelve,fourteen,30 without the need to guess exogenous products particularly inherent meme interest, member dictate, or outside situations. The actual only real source of heterogeneity inside our design is the personal network; profiles differ within audience dimensions not regarding top quality of its messages.

Our very own design originates from the fresh new much time lifestyle one means recommendations distribute just like the an epidemic process, where disease is introduced along the corners of your own hidden societal system 35,thirty-six,37,7,twenty-eight,a dozen .

Relating to social media, multiple article writers searched the fresh temporal development out of popularity. Wu and you will Huberman 8 analyzed the fresh rust within the development popularity. It revealed that temporal models away from cumulative desire are described by good multiplicative procedure having just one novelty grounds. Given that rust into the dominance are attributed to battle having desire, the underlying mechanism is not modeled clearly. Crane and you may Sornette ten produced a model to describe this new exogenous and you will endogenous blasts away from attract into the a video, by consolidating a crisis spreading techniques having a good forgetting apparatus. Hogg and you may Lerman 38 proposed a stochastic design to assume the fresh rise in popularity of a news story via the intrinsic attract of your tale and also the cost at which profiles view it truly and you will through loved ones. Such activities define brand new popularity of an individual piece of pointers and are generally ergo not the right to fully capture the crowd for our cumulative attract one of numerous simultaneous suggestions epidemics. A closer analogy to your means could very well be provided with neutral varieties of ecosystems, in which individuals (posts) owned by additional varieties (memes) make girls and boys inside an atmosphere (the collective desire) that endure merely a finite number of individuals. At each and every age bracket, someone belonging to the fresh new varieties enter the ecosystem if you are as many somebody die as required to maintain the durability threshold 41 .